Artisanal manufacture of biscuits and caramels

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We are open Tuesday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Spreadable caramels

The caramel, a love story. has always been passionate about caramel and others Gourmandises, we will make you discover some of our favorites.

Classic, the Caramel with Fleur de Sel is a must at Boco & Loco, with its good taste of Butter and its sweet/salty side, it lends itself to the game of associations wonderfully.On toasts, Pancakes, waffles, brioche or a croissant.But also with grilled onions, liver fat, figs and cooked cheese.

We give free rein to his imagination ...

Our handicraft caramels are made here in Montreal from a traditional recipe and with Simple ingredients but of great qualities.

We only use organic cane sugar, cream and milk from our dairy Quebecer, organic lemon juice and sea salt. Only five ingredients but which make All the difference both in terms of taste and texture.

You will rediscover the real taste of authentic caramel and you will love it ...

Fruit creams

Fruit creams

A Fruit cream (in English we speak of Fruit Curd ) is a spread or a garnish for desserts .The most famous is the lemon cream or lemon curd .

The basic ingredients are juice or fruit puree, eggs, organic sugar and butter, which are cooked together until thickening.There is always at least 25% fruit in our creams, no aromas or preservatives, it is the natural acidity of the fruits that guarantees the conservation.

Our fruit creams are soft, smooth and very fragrant, they can be served with bread or scones with tea to taste it, as an alternative to jams, and also as Garnish for cakes, pastries and pies.

Lemon pies, garnished with lemon curd and surmounted by meringue, are one of the favorite desserts British and Americans since the 19th century.



Boco & Loco jams are made from fruit from Quebec farms and sugar biological cane.We thus encourage local and respectful cultures of the environment.All fruits are picked and hand sorted in full maturity since we Let us only use seasonal fruit.Then we transform them in an artisanal way into a little "Batch".

Our jams contain more than 55% fruit, you will surely find, with great pleasure, your Favorite jam in our range of craft jams cooked in a cauldron at Boco & Loco.

Of the most classic jams such as strawberry jam or blueberry jam at Rather unusual jams, all tastes are offered to you.The incomparable taste of jam house, frank flavors, the perfume of childhood, that's what we offer you by tasteing our jams.

Make your choice from our jams made in Quebec!

Sweet cookies

Sweet cookies

We prepare in our workshop in Montreal delicious pastries, scones and pure cookies Butter, all made from flour and organic sugar for your greatest pleasure.

Croissants, chocolatins, sweet or savory scones and shortbread cookies, jam or caramel ...

Come visit us or order your favorite delicacies online.


Our shop

Our shop

The little coffee

We make pastries, cookies, cakes, pastries and a wide variety of gluten -free products.You can take them Or taste them on site with good coffee in a calm and cozy environment.
Croissants |Chocolatines |SCONES |Sabbled |Cookies |Brownies* |Muffins* |Vegan cookies
* gluten free

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The Boco & Loco store

Here you will find all our products in compostable pots and sachets, including a wide variety of caramel flavor. Perfect for a little present or to spoil.
Spread caramel |Fruit cream |Jam |Pesto |Onion confit |Butter shortbread | Granola | Biscotti
Points of sale

Our points of sale

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Our story

It was after a very varied and colorful course that Mikaël, a graduate of the Toulouse hotel school, Lays his suitcases in Montreal for the second time in his life. With his experience in entrepreneurship with the creation of the Mile-End micro-pastry "Cherry On the cake ”, whose torch he has passed since.Mikaël decides to get started again in Adventure ... To see, follow us on Facebook and Instagram
Why Boco & Loco?"Because the idea came to the Angus shops, where I live and in tribute to the locomotives of Canadian Pacific but also because there is always a grain of madness in my jars ... 😉 "

Our values

We manufacture exceptional products from simple ingredients and as much as possible organic and/or local.Which means for example that we only use cane sugar organic, organic fruits and spices.
We are setting up recipes with marked and original flavors, the search for taste and balance and our goal.More than simple pots, we think that these little moments of Gastronomic pleasure are real experiences to live.

Ingredients "Clean label"
We work in collaboration with local producers and product distributors biological in order to follow our approach of simplicity and logic.No need to go look for the ingredients far if they are available (and often of better quality) at we.In addition, we do not use coloring, preservatives, nor texture agent, ..., the list is long then we stop there.

Finally all our products are "naturally gluten -free".

Local and craft manufacturing
All our products are cooked and conditioned in Montreal and completely artisanal, Everything is done by hand from start to finish by our team!

Traditional and original both
Our recipes are inspired by pastry gastronomic tradition but with an ounce of madness in each pot.This allows you to rediscover great classic and taste new Flavor association, caramel and lavender, rosemary and pink grapefruit, Espelette pepper and chocolate, ...

Light up your breakfasts and brunches!
Our tartinades and caramels wonderfully accompany pancakes, waffles, sandwiches and Also fruits, freezing creams, ...